LATEST NEWS: Jackie Greene and Friends at the Warfield Theatre, November 11th. Four Sets of Incredible Music on the Bill |

LATEST NEWS: Jackie Greene and Friends at the Warfield Theatre, November 11th. Four Sets of Incredible Music on the Bill

LATES NEWS – For Immediate Release 


Jackie Greene and Friends Set to Play San Francisco’s Warfield Theatre, November 11th 

So, here’s the thing. JBO has been a HUGE fan of Jackie Greene for years. We can say, without pause and with absolute certainty, that we not only respect this guy’s musical chops, and the chops of those he surrounds himself with, but we just adore him as a performer and overall human. He’s dedicated, talented, friendly, approachable, and his guitar playing stands out on a stage amongst many. He works hard and he seems to be truly enjoying it all. He’s also recently put out a new album/EP, titled, “Modern Lives Vol. One,” on Blue Rose Music. It’s got only 6 tunes, but they really capture what his music is about as well as showcase his insane talent – not only does he play all instruments on this, but he did the recording himself as well. It’s got that authentic sound and feel; and it really captures everything about the human experience – from modern technology that can connect us to feeling nothing but loneliness while amongst a crowd of people. Well, they have referred to him as the Prince of Americana after all….

Jackie always seems to be on stage. Whether with his own band (Nathan Dale on guitar, Jon Cornell on bass and Fitz Harris on drums) or with the likes of Anders Osborne, Phil Lesh, Bob Weir, Warren Haynes, Luther and Cody Dickinson, Chris Robinson, Buddy Guy…. and he’s been a part of more than a handful of music festivals from big to small such as Mountain Jam, Newport Jazz, Wakarusa, Bonnaroo, Outside Lands, All Good, and the Gathering of the Vibes, and often participates in events that raise money for causes such as the Blue Rose Music Festival and the Petaluma Music Fest both out to keep music in schools. He must think sleeping is for babies.

As we head further into November, those who know Greene anticipate his annual jam sessions typically held at San Francisco’s Fillmore Auditorium or Warfield Theatre, and typically packed with musicians there to celebrate his birthday and music (Jackie’s birthday is coming up on November 27th). This year, the show is a bit earlier on the calendar than usual, being set for Saturday, November 11th at the Warfield Theatre in San Francisco on Market Street. And, as usual, it looks to be set up as quite a night of music. The show will be broken down into four different sets: first set will be Jackie and Anders Osborne who will play a mini-set of what they’re calling, “Tourgether,” just two guys sitting around singing some songs. Well, we all know they’re not “just two guys,” but two incredibly talented guitar players with a catalog of music behind them so long, I can’t imagine how they plan to make this a “mini” set. Following that will be Anders Osborne’s band, followed by Jackie Greene’s band. But, closing out the night, will be just a big old love fest on stage as Jackie invites back Anders along with Phil Lesh, his son Grahame Lesh, and SF Bay Area drummer Alex Koford. Who knows what these guys will have up their sleeves, but I can tell you for certain…. from one person who’s been to nearly every birthday party held for this guy, that it will be one helluva night, with a shit ton of talent on stage just blowing out the windows.

Believe it or not, tickets are still available! (Wha?????) Yep, not many, so get ’em while you can. Don’t miss this folks. You will not be sorry.  Visit the Warfield’s online site to purchase tickets and get show details:


Here’s a little taste of shows past and what you might be in for:

Jackie Greene and Anders Osborne, “New Speedway Boogie”



Anders Osborne Band Featuring Jackie Greene, “Ball and Chain> Let it Bleed> Ball and Chain”



2016 36th Birthday at the Warfield, “Scarlet Begonias,” featuring Bob Weir and Phil Lesh



2016 36th Birthday at the Warfield, “Hot Lanta,” featuring Mark Karan and Jason Crosby



2014 34th Birthday at the Fillmore, “Sweet Somewhere Bound,” Solo


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