Tales from the Tent – High Sierra Music Festival 2017

Photos and Review by Michael Pegram    Dry grass and wet lumber.  The aroma that greets you as you turn right onto Lee Road to check in is as sweet as your mother’s home cooking. And just as inviting. High Sierra Music Festival. The best place to be for the 4 days leading up to the Fourth of July. Period. And those of you who attend know this all too well. This alignment of space and time in perfect harmony happens for only 4 days each year and its magic is not to be missed. Per usual, my girlfriend and I arrived on Wednesday night and checked in early to help out the Ambiance Crew with any loose ends before the festival. After pitching our tent in the usual spot, I climbed up a ladder behind the stage in the Funk’n Jamhouse to hang some long Mylar strips for the light to play off of to add some visual stimulation to the late night shenanigans. After a few hours of catching up with friends we headed off to sleep, knowing we would be waking to a newly built village, with known camps in their usual spaces and late arrivals scurrying for land on the hillside. Which, now terraced, ain’t so bad a place, save for the insects if you don’t batten down yer hatches quite right.    We awoke Thursday morning and walked … Continue reading Tales from the Tent – High Sierra Music Festival 2017