Backwoods is Almost Here! |

Backwoods is Almost Here!

August 20, 2021

Well, in spite of many cancelations of shows and festivals, there is still no stopping the arrival of next weeks Backwoods Festival.

We do have the minor change of headliners when The String Cheese Incident decided to cancel their summer shows due to the never-ending virus, but the event was quickly able to book the good old Disco Biscuits in their place.  For a trip down memory lane, here is an interview from Bisco’s own Marc Brownstein we published a while back:  

JBO sits down with Marc Brownstein of Conspirator and The Disco Biscuits to talk about the Music, Change, and the Future of The Scene

We know, there are some die hard Cheese heads who aren’t happy about this, but those of us who just love a beautiful festival, no matter who is playing and can accept that this is where we are in the world right now (unpredictability) will be just fine.

Mulberry Mountain in Arkansas is a beautiful location formally the home of the old Wakarusa Festival among others and JBO is more than looking forward to covering the event for you either as a memory of your own experience there or as a peak into what you missed if you cant make the trek.

We highly recommend you try and come out. Tickets are still available here: And just take a look at the line up of all your old and new favorite artists from so many different genres from electronica DJ’s to jam bands to blue grass to everything in between like Andy frasco and Keller Williams who are in a genre all to themselves. 

Speaking or Keller, here is a recent interview JBO did with him in 2019:  

JBO Gets to Know Keller Williams Past, Present, and Future

Headlining on Thursday to open things up is the electronic mostly isstumental melodies of Lotus and Sunday on your way out, we got Jam grass legends Greensky Bluegrass, both will make you want to dance the night away. 

Checkout our past interview with Greensky here:

Lets try and get back to festival season in a fun, but careful (please bring your masks and vax cards) way? 

For more information, and tickets, please check out the festival website at:

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