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Festival Preview: Wakarusa 2013

May 23, 2013

Preview by Joshua Greenberg wakarusa08_t640

Wakarusa is one of the most beautiful and overall highly perceived festivals of our time. On the scenic Mulberry Road on May 30th to June 2nd, 2013, in Ozark Arkansas, this festival is known to harbor some serious headliners and talented acts. The festival is extremely diverse and it provides an eclectic variety of music suitable for just about everyone’s taste. Most people who attend this festival love it so much they regularly return and people tend to travel a great distance just to experience the word class artists and gorgeous environment. The festival is so close to nature and it really gives one the true camping experience


The festival hosts an array of activities. On Saturday morning, new to 2013, the Festival is hosting a Disk Golf Tournament and every morning the festival hosts events like organized yoga, hooping and different music workshops.  The festival has a beautiful river where people can camp alongside. This year a specific advantage to the river is you can rent canoes and rafts. There are shuttles that take people from the top of the mountain where the music and most of the events are held to the riverside camping area. The environment on Mulberry mountain is so gorgeous and diverse, Hiking is a common activity. If your camp spot is not exactly filled with shade there is a variety of places to cool off, even a lake!  There’s so much to do at this festival venue, you can even bring your fishing rods and find a decent spot. The festival is hosting a variety of interactive art installations where people can engage their artistic selves. This year Wakarusa is hosting Three very talented  live painters with very different styles.Please bring any extra food you might have lying around the house along with to contribute to the conscious alliance food drive, if you submit 20 items you even get a beautiful 3D Wakarusa poster designed by artist Michael Boyer.


Wakarusa’s location obviously makes for a gorgeous festival with smiling faces that cover its wild, partially forested and completely unique environment. Every year they host some of the world’s most talented acts in a huge variety.  This years lineup is no exception.  With genres ranging from hip hop to blue grass to jam bands, this festival hosts the best of the best. This year the festival will host such big names as  Widespread Panic, Dispatch, STS9, Umphrey’s Mcgee, The Black Cowes, Amon Tobin, Gogol Bordello, and the list goes on. Wakarusa only offers top-notch bands and really delivers when it comes to every aspect a music festival should be assessed on, it’s truly a quality festival.

For more info, click here:  http://www.wakarusa.com/ 




One of the hardest working jam-bands in the business is arguable Umphrey’s Mcgee. This band is perpetually on tour playing festivals and headlining a variety of festivals.an important aspect about Umphrey’s that I learned from listening to their shows, seeing them a few times and hearing their fans talk about the band is their love for their fans. At Summer Camp Festival which is hosted by Umphrey’s a week before Wakarusa, members of Umphrey’s make sure to interact with as many fans as possible. A famous example of this is the bassist Ryan Stasik playing kickball with fans during the wee hours of the morning. Fans have come to understand that the band much like Wakarusa itself always delivers, and even an off night for Umphrey’s sounds completely on.  The band is extremely spontaneous and there set-lists prove that you have no idea whats going to come next. One way to describe a performance by Umphrey’s Mcgee in a simple comparison is a live fire work finale, for the entire fire work performance. The band’s music is so eclectic and variable but when they get into on of their harder rock-based jams  sometimes it’s hard to believe that your hearing what actually going on right before you.The members of the band are not only viciously talented they are  extremely humble. Each member of the band is extremely approachable and can be seen regularly be seen enjoying live music themselves as they too are huge fans of a variety of music which shows greatly in their own performances.  Umphrey’s Mcgee is a well oiled musical machine that pounds out intricate jams, mashups of popular songs, and incredibly written orchestrated pieces. Umphrey’s plays great covers of very difficult songs and often times combines two of the tunes making the crowd go crazy.  The members of Umphrey’s Mcgee are a tight nit group of close friends and this relationship certainly contributes to the fiery chemistry they share on stage. If you’re a fan of literally any type of music Umphrey’s Mcgee is a band not to miss at Wakarusa you can be sure that at both of their performances Umphrey’s Mcgee will take your breath away. At last years Wakarusa during one of their performances guitarist Brendan Bayliss explained  this about their performances that weekend  “we intended to make it worth your while.” Umphrey’s Mcgee always makes their performances worth your while.  This band is one NOT to miss. 




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