Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Bring the People of Black Mountain, North Carolina to their Knees |

Grace Potter & The Nocturnals Bring the People of Black Mountain, North Carolina to their Knees

May 25, 2011

Review and Photos by Lori Sky Twohy 

What can I say about my very first Grace Potter and The Nocturnals experience accept, “WOW?” I had been hearing and reading great things about them for a while, but when I saw the show for myself last Thursday at the Pisqah Brewing Co in Black Mointain, I was blown away!

First of all, this beautiful out door venue, in the heart of the North Carolina Mountains, is a must try and the show was not surprisingly sold out. It was very obvious from looking the audience, that they were only there to see Grace, because nobody paid a dimes worth of attention to the opening bands, let alone the terrible comedian who didn’t get a single laugh for his strange jokes about his appendix operation. But the when Grace hit the stage, the mood changed for the better.

Grace Potter, in my opinion, has the rock and roll soul of legends like early Robert Plant or Mick Jagger, but in the body of a woman, with an insane amount of sex appeal. She really knows how to work the stage and the crowd with not only her image, but pure raw talent. Not only can she sing, but she plays the guitar and the keyboard as well. She was all over that stage and didnt miss a beat. The band in general has a very old school rock and roll style of playing, but is infused with many other kinds of music, which is why I think they fit in so well in the jam band scene and festival circuit.

Being that this was my first Grace Potter show and the first time hearing her music, I can’t say too much about each individual song, but as you can see from the set list, they played a very long show with an astounding quadruple encore including the Rolling Stones cove, “Happy,” which was one of my favorite moments.

All in all, I am now a fan. I would go see Grace Potter and the Noctornals any time, any where. I had an amazing time at this show and highly recommend you catch them on tour as soon as possible. You can check out dates and other info about the band at

Set List:

Ah Mary, Goodbye Kiss, Only Love, Mastermind, That Phone, Tiny Light, Nothing but the Water 1, Nothing but the Water 2, Colors, Oasis, Sugar, Paris (Ooh La La). Encore: Stop the Bus, Happy (Rolling Stones), Apologies, Medicine.



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