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JBO Reviews the Most Recent Beats Antique Release

October 26, 2012

By Breanne Smith

At first listen to Beats Antique’s newest album, Contraption, Vol. 2, you could possibly be lost in an alluring, mind-blowing; trans- induced collaboration of noise. The band, Beats Antique, appears to be a sideshow circus trio. This idea may not be so farfetched because all 3 have been in one form or another of a traveling musicianship for years.

Beats Antique new album, Contraption Vol.2 evokes the feeling of being inside a videogame that is set in the woods. If you’re a fire- spinning, dub loving, open-minded person, you should definitely check out Contraption Vol. 2. However, you don’t need to be any of those to appreciate this album. It is a mixture of old world sounds poured over electronic beats. Music artist, Lynx has many talents and sits in on the track, “Crooked Muse” as if she’s a 4th member of the band. This album sounds much like their past 7 albums but gives you more of what Beats Antique is great at, sounding authentically beautiful. Zoe Jakes sultry vocals mesh with Middle- Eastern tones and European influence to create a worldly atmosphere wherever you may be listening. This is probably why their 2nd album, “Collide” was one of the top 10 most downloaded albums in the Middle East in the world dance category as well as one of the top most downloaded electronic albums on Amazon.

The only complaint about this album is that it is simply not long enough. There are only 8 songs within 40 minutes. I simply want more. From eerie to awesome, this album covers all genres. Do yourself a favor and check this album out. If you need a one word summary, “dope”.

Contraption Vol. 2-
1. The Allure
2. Skeleton Key
3. Crush (featuring Brass Menazeri)
4. Crooked Muse (featuring Lynx)
5. Hero
6. Colony Collapse- Filastine (featuring Nova)
7.Bus to Balkans
8. Bloody Bones


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