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JBO Reviews Widespread Panic’s Wood

October 25, 2012

By Jakob Baker

On October 16th Widespread Panic released “Wood”, a two CD collection of songs from their first ever acoustic tour last winter. The album features songs from all four tour stops in Atlanta, GA, Washington D.C., Denver, CO, and Aspen, CO. The Wood Tour was not only Panic’s first fully acoustic tour, but also their last tour before taking a well-deserved hiatus. “Wood” is Panic like you’ve never heard them before, with precise acoustic picking replacing the relentless sound of the six headed monster we are accustomed to.

Opening with a rocking version of “Ballad Of John And Yoko” the album never lets up. Highlights of the first disk include exceptional versions of “Clinc Cynic”, “Climb To Safety” and “Ain’t Life Grand”. An incredibly unique run through “Tall Boy” showcases the band’s acoustic talents with remarkable solos from John Hermann and Jimmy Herring.

The second disk includes many songs from the intimate tour closer at the Belly-Up Tavern in Aspen, CO. Holding on to a slower pace, disk two includes an outstanding “St. Louis”, “Tickle The Truth” and a cover of “Sell Sell” from the film “O’ Lucky Man”. A cover of “Good Morning Little School Girl” highlights the entire album. In classic Widespread style they take “School Girl” on an improvisational ride across the valley of Blues.

The “Wood” box set provides a unique sound from a legendary band. For Panic fans “Wood” may be just enough to satisfy the craving till the end of this hiatus.

CD I                                                                  

The Ballad John and Yoko 

(1/25/12 Washington, DC)


(1/25/12 Washington, DC)

Imitation Leather Shoes 

(1/25/12 Washington, DC)

Clinic Cynic 

(1/24/22 Washington, DC)

Tall Boy 

(2/11/20 Denver, CO)

Many Rivers to Cross 

(2/12/20 Denver, CO)

Good Morning Little School Girl 

(2/10/12 Denver, CO)

Pickin’ Up The Pieces 

(2/10/12 Denver, CO)

Ain’t Life Grand 

(2/12/12 Denver, CO)


St. Louis 

(2/18/12 Aspen, CO)

 Time Waits 

(2/19/12 Aspen, CO)

Sell Sell

(2/19/12 Aspen, CO)

Tail Dragger

(2/19/12 Aspen, CO)

Tickle The Truth

(1/25/12 Washington, DC)

*Fixin’ to Die

(1/27/12 Atlanta, GA)

Climb to Safety

(1/25/12 Washington, DC)

Counting Train Cars 

(1/29/12 Atlanta, GA)

C Brown

(1/29/12 Atlanta, GA)


(1/29/12 Atlanta, GA)

End of the Show

(1/29/12 Atlanta, GA)


* With Col. Bruce Hampton on vocal

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