John K Band Plays the Sullivan Hall Sat 2/11/2012 |

John K Band Plays the Sullivan Hall Sat 2/11/2012

February 19, 2012

Review by Matt Roe 

In New York’s Lower Village, right near Washington Square Park, is nestled a small, but comfortable bar named Sullivan Hall. The pictures on the wall tell the story of greats playing there, such as Warren Haynes, George Porter Jr., and Derek Trucks, to name a few.

On Sat February 12th John Kadlecik took the stage, with his band, to grace theNew York fans with his first appearance in NYC with his other project besides Furthur.

The show started with “Nobody Told Me” from John Lennon, which was a fitting start to a great evening. The “What Becomes of Mary” had a great vibe to it with percussion coming from John’s wife Katy, which I thought was a great element to a totally different sound than Furthur.

“Sister Smiles” was actually one of my favorite tunes of the night with the John K Band then going into their own rendition of Phish’s “The Wedge.”

The first set also had a strong vocal presence from Lizzy Loves on “Stir it Up” and a closing “Second that Emotion” which ripped.

The second set opened with a “Harder They Come” which I thought was very well-played, but I really enjoyed the “Way to Go Home” which, for me, was very fitting to give homage to Vince Welnick on a night that another voice in the music industry was lost, Whitney Houston.

“Seen Love” was beautiful and “They love Each other” was great, especially seeing John look at his wife as he started to sing. The over embellished “as we try to take it Furthur” rang out and the set ended with fantastic version of “Sing me back home.”

Overall, this band is a great time with homage to the influences and enough original material that I wasn’t familiar with, but will be in the future, for this is defiantly not the last time I see this band.

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