Latest News: Almost Time to Arise! |

Latest News: Almost Time to Arise!

July 29, 2018

Volunteer at ARISE Music Festival in exchange for your ticket to the festival. Work with your friends, request to be scheduled around your favorite performances, receive an ARISE T-shirt and an incredible behind-the-scenes adventure!

Work Requirement = 15 hours.  This is the average minimum, some work a little more, some a little less. Walk-In Tent Camping is provided. NOTE – volunteers are responsible for bringing their own camping gear.

Find your crew!
Select from a variety of camping options created with the community in mind.
Goddess Grove
A sanctuary solely for self-identified females. It is a place of solace, celebration, and playfulness that serves as a campground (first come first serve as space is limited) or a meeting point for women-based groups and new friends. The Grove will hold space for an ARISE Daily Women’s Group every morning at 10 am. This is an opportunity to drop in with Arising sisters to reflect, support, and ground.
Family Camp
For families with kids 16 and under who want to be a little further away from all the excitement but close to what is important to the kiddos. The camp is close to the festival entrance, the shower area, Children’s Village and the food vendors. Space is limited and is first come first serve. Pre-register and guarantee your family a 10×10 space in family camp on the ARISE ticketing page or at the box office.
ADA Camp
The preferred camp ground for ARISE guests with special needs. To be qualified for the ADA campground one must have a state-certified handicapped parking placard must be displayed in each vehicle.
Ecstatic Sober Camp
A collaboration of festival-goers who choose to remain clean and sober at ARISE. Music lovers seeking a home base free of substances along like-minded attendees can request space upon arrival to camp and grow within the Ecstatic Sober Camp.
Additionally, upgrades are available for early camping, car camping, VIP upgrades and more! Check out the ticketing page for more details.
California Roots Playshop – Members of Slightly Stoopid, Stick Figure and Pepper
Friday, August 3rd – 3:30 – 4:30 PMCheck out members of three California roots & reggae acts explain the foundation of the scene, describe their approach to their music, and collaborate on tunes together. The session will feature Paul (keys) and Dela (sax) of Slightly Stoopid, Tommy (bass) and Johnny (hythm guitar / vocals) of Stick Figure, and Kaleo (guitar) of Pepper!

Build It Up: Making the Syzygy Orchestra – OPIUO
Saturday, August 4th – 6:30 – 7:30 PMBe a part of an intimate session and discussion with music producer Oscar Davey-Wraight, otherwise known as OPIUO, on his world of electronic music production.

Music, Social Justice & Political Engagement Playshop – Ayla Nereo, Dustin Thomas, Tubby Love, Amber Lily, Trevor Green
Saturday, August 4th – 10:30 – 11:30 AMEngage in this discussion and performance regarding believing deeply in what you sing and raising your voice to have that heard. It may not be popular, it might mean taking a risk, and it wholeheartedly means standing for something.

Hip-Hop: Words That Matter – Members of Living Legends, The Peace Poets, La Marea
Saturday, August 4th – 5:00 – 6:00 PMExploring the art forms of Hip-Hop and Spoken Word as a reflection of our times and a provocative tool for speaking truth to power with Bicasso and 3.0 (Living Legends), The Last Emcee (The Peace Poets), and La Marea (Indigenous Sisters of Hip-Hop) with moderator Julia Butterfly Hill.

Getting Down w/ The Indigenous Sisters of Hip Hop
Sunday, August 5th – 1:45 – 2:45 PM
Check out La Marea, Katrina Benally and Letsjusb throwing down while exuding passion, power, and purposefully poignant parlance. Join us for a special performance and dialogue from this talented and diverse group of hip hop artists. Discover where these spoken words come from, where we might be going together, and how we are going to get there. Moderated by activist, author, and poet. Julia Butterfly Hill.
Kynd Eyewear is stoked to team up with the ARISE Music Festival for the next 3 years and produce a handful of limited edition floating bamboo sunglasses, each with a cool custom stash case to store your goods. Available exclusively at and at the festival!
Scope the Shades
Cannabis culture and music festivals go hand in hand, resulting in an environment of collaboration, community, and open-mindedness. Attending a music festival can be an enlightening experience, full of interactions with like-minded people and an unrestricted outlook on life. Such experiences can produce healing effects on the mind and body, making music festivals some of the most cathartic events on the planet. The PotGuide sat down with festival producer, Paul Bassis to discuss the ARISE Music Festival. Read all about it here
Read the Interview
What is Yerba Mate you ask? It’s a drink that has the “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate” all in one beverage.

Guayaki Yerba Mate strives on working to make organic, fair-trade Yerba Mate the mainstream energy source of choice, making ARISE thrilled to have them for another year as a terrific sponsor.

Great flavor comes from Alo’sdedication to using real fruit and vegetable juices, organic and other fine ingredients. Their aloe vera comes from their very own sustainable farm in Thailand. The process assures Goodness From Inside Out.
Wheel House Cocktails are dedicated to providing a balanced and refreshing cocktail, that is hand crafted. Making all of their cocktails in small batches, constantly tasting each ingredient and the finished cocktail, you don’t have to take your drink as serious as they do.
Tempt Hemp Products pack more ahhhhh per ounce than any other non-dairy product. The seeds provide a superior source of nutrition. Loaded with vitamins, minerals, all 10 essential amino acids, and omega 3 & 6 “good” fats!

Enjoy an alternative to dairy in your morning coffee at the ARISE’s StarBar Cafe!

Coyote Gold All Natural Margaritas are handcrafted using authentic, all-natural ingredients. Starting with Premium Tequila distilled from the Blue Weber Agave and imported from Mexico, Coyote Gold blends handcrafted orange liqueur, pure fruit juice, pure cane sugar, and all natural citrus flavors. No artificial ingredients.  No artificial colors.  And gluten free!

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