Perpetual Groove Melts Faces in South Carolina |

Perpetual Groove Melts Faces in South Carolina

October 1, 2022

Review by Samantha-Leah Shiff

Photos by Lori Sky Twohy

Perpetual Groove is once again living up to their name. Making their Greer, SC debut at The Spinning Jenny on 09/24/2022 (an absolutely incredible venue for those who haven’t heard of it), Brock Butler, Adam Perry, Matthew McDonald, and new drummer Darren Stanley played two sets that left both new and long-time fans dazzled. Both sets were expertly crafted, weaving in known favorites, deep cuts, and two sit-ins that awed and surprised the crowd in a way only PGroove can. 

The boys came out swinging, opening set one with PGroove staple- Holy Ship, and immediately went in to rarities Perihelion, Andromeda and La Casa Bien. Other highlights include: Save for One (set 2), Stealy Man (Set 2), TTFPJ featuring The Cars’ “Touch and Go”, and Space Paranoids (set 2) and encore: It Starts Where It Ends. 

Atlanta based vocalist Ainsley Stewart and 2nd generation bass guitar legend Felix Pastorius floored both band and audience joining the boys for a stunning rendition of Isaac Hayes’ “Do Your Own Thing”, blending their individual melodic voices in to PGrooves unique sound. Ainsley rejoined the band later in set one with Turn Back The Hands of Time – (Tyrone Davis) and second set for an unforgettable cover of Sway by The Rolling Stones. 

This show in typical fashion, was a sonic journey through all the reasons why this band will always be one of the best to ever grace a stage; It was also a reminder that every time Perpetual Groove sets a high bar, it won’t be long before they once again surpass it. 

SET 1 

Holy ship



La Casa Bien

Do your own Thing- Isaac Hayes cover feat. Felix  Pastorius and Ainsley Stewart

Crockett & Tubbs 

Turn Back The Hands Of Time – Tyrone Davis Cover  w/Ainsley Stewart

SET 2 

Save for One

God’s Gonna Cut You Down- Johnny Cash cover

Stealy Man

TTFPJ>Touch and go-the cars>TTFPJ

Sway- Rolling Stones – feat Ainsley Stewart

Space Paranoids 

E: It Starts Where It Ends

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