Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst are Back with ‘Hey!’-Ira Ingber, A Stellar Band, And Linda McCrary Fisher |

Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst are Back with ‘Hey!’-Ira Ingber, A Stellar Band, And Linda McCrary Fisher

April 12, 2022

“I confess to beginning to looking forward to anything he (Steven) does.”–No Depression 

“Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst delivers a high quality set of tunes with some really great playing…”— Red Guitar Music 

 “This is an accomplished band led by Casper…They are a tight, focussed and talent unit whose songs and performances should guarantee them their place and piece of the pie.” “–Lonesome Highway

New and recommended Americana tracks include “Steven Casper & Cowboy Angst “Trouble”,–CMT

(L-R:  Jim Doyle, Alex U’Ren, Steven Casper, Carl Byron, Dan Wistrom)



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Casper Collaborates Once More With Ira Ingber, A Stellar Band,
And The Gospel Voice Of Linda McCrary Fisher 

Los Angeles, CA —Country, rock, blues, folk – it’s hard to place Steven Casper in any distinct genre.  He’s a little bit of all of the above, with an American Cosmic and Mexicali twist – a unique musical potion that truly makes for an original one-of-a-kind performance. There’s even a little bit of swamp that seeps into his music, which is why you can find some of Casper’s music featured on the HBS series, True Blood. A critic once said of his music, “In a field where country artists are sometimes a bit too classic country and Americana artists are a tad too singer-songwriter, (Casper) proves you can appeal to a specific group of listeners and still draw in just about everyone and anyone else who appreciates music and true musicianship.” 

Casper has once again sought ought a top-notch band to back his 9th release with Cowboy Angst. He is working with producer Ira Ingber (the two have now collaborated for over 10 years), who also lends his musicianship. Ingber is known for his work with Bob Dylan, Captain Beefhart, Brian Wilson, and numerous other musically historic names. Musical ace, Carl Byron (Rita Coolidge, Hot Club of Los Angeles) joins on keys and accordion, Dan Wistrom (Rich Robinson, The Magpie Salute) on guitars, Jim Doyle (Alan Jackson, Hot Club of Los Angeles) on drums, and Alex U’Ren (Mickey Dolenz, Subthunk) on bass. “These guys have been working with each other off and on for decades,” Casper comments. “Their friendship, familiarity, respect and talent created a special chemistry which lifted all the songs.” 

During the pandemic, the band had monthly masked rehearsals to learn new songs and keep the old ones tight.  “And also to play music with friends,” Casper adds.  Last August they played an outdoor show at Last Name Brewery in Upland, CA. “There were three 45 minute sets. Since we only had 16 of my songs worked up we let Carl and Dan stretch out with soloing and jamming and that went so well that we’re keeping it in our sound. I’m digging the hell out of it.” 

Hey! Consists of 8 tracks, 6 original songs, one traditional, and one Bob Dylan cover, “Absolutely Sweet Marie”.  “Carl thought it would be fun to do a Dylan song at the next rehearsal which happened to fall on Dylan’s birthday.  Obviously, it went well.” 

Some of the songs from the album were written during the pandemic and isolation. “Hey!” and “Motherless Child” were Casper’s feelings about what we were all going through. “‘Hey!’ is about hope and not giving up,” he explains.  “‘Motherless Child’ is an ambient version of the traditional song and is about the feelings of isolation and despair.  It has a second half featuring the wonderful gospel singer, Linda McCrary Fisher performing a mother’s cry.” 

“Howling at the Moon (Wine and Weed)” was recorded just prior to the the shut down and is Casper’s remembrance of friends getting together out in some fields, toking up, drinking, and playing music when they were young. Two fun facts about the song: The acoustic guitar on the song is Ingber’s brother’s who wrote and recorded “Don’t Bogart That Joint” (Easy Rider) and who formed Mother’s of Invention with Frank Zappa. The “Na Na Na” chorus at the end of the song was performed by the band and several of Casper’s musician friends in the L.A. Americana scene, including Camille Ameen, Grant Langston, Annette Conlon, Doug Conlon, Peter McCain, Ted Russell Kamp, Emily Zuzik, and Manda Mosher. 

“By Your Side” and “Cold Dark Hole” were both recorded just prior to the quarantine. The former is about the passing of Casper’s mother and the latter is a be-careful-what-you-wish-for song. You can be her Samson or her Romeo/ You can pick your poison and see how that goes/ Her fingers beckon you closer and somehow you know/That you’re gonna wind up lying in a cold dark hole. 

“Easy” and “So Damned Hard” are both biographical songs. “‘So Damned Hard’ is about being adrift.  It only took 20 minutes to write. It just flowed out. Perhaps because I know the topic so well,” he deadpans. It’s so damned hard to say goodbye/ And it’s hard to let go of all the things that you know/ It’s so damned hard to say goodbye/ Seems a long long way From the life that we made and I can’t find my way/ Can’t find my way. 

With 5 EPS and one single under his belt, Hey! Is Casper’s 3rd full LP.   “I’m my harshest critic,” he shares. “Having said that, I feel this record is some of my best work. I think part of this is the newly incorporated stretching out of the songs.  The songs morphed into jams, or jamband-adjacent. That’s reflected in several of the songs on the album. I hope people remember the album for both my songs and my kick-ass band.” 

Hey! Will be released on May 6th, 2022 on Silent City Records. 

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