The Trey Anastasio Band Smiles their way through a Memorable and Blissful Winter 2014 Tour |

The Trey Anastasio Band Smiles their way through a Memorable and Blissful Winter 2014 Tour

February 28, 2014

Review and Photos by Lori Sky TwohyDSC_0097_new

This years Trey Anastasio Bands winter tour has already come and gone, but not without a lot of left over smiles due to the fond memories that Trey and his band mates always bring to the crowd.

DSC_0339_newEvery show this year, (I was told by friends who went to a variety of them) was on fire. Trey’s purely blissful energy on stage with TAB can only be explained as contagious. It would be impossible to not leave the venue with out a huge smile of your own.

Another thing we love about TAB is how much Trey makes sure heDSC_0373_new puts the spotlight on his fellow band mates. He makes sure to introduce them every time and whenever another member is getting their chance in the spot light with some sort of solo, Trey looks on at them smiling like a proud papa.

Jennifer Hartswick has been in Trey’s band almost since the beginning as a trumpet player and back up DSC_1554_newvocalist, but when she sings solo……god, what a voice! She has got the funk and the soul.

DSC_1009_newNatalie Cressman, the youngest band member and trombonist, also sings back up and also showed off her solo chops a few times this tour with a beautiful spanish language song called 1977, which is a cover by Ana Tijoux; a Chilean rap artist. Natalie blew the roof off when she sang this at the Orlando show I was at. It was a pretty sultry performance as well. Beautiful Natalie had the men’s jaws dropped in the front row from what I could see. She’s mesmerizing and so very talented.

Unlike Phish shows, Trey Band plays a lot of the same songs on tour, but that doesn’t mean that every night is a set list repeat and, like any jam band, there is plenty of improvisation going on as well.

If you missed any of the shows on this tour, I am truly sorry, but we hope and pray you can make it next time they tour or at one of the many festivals they are playing this coming summer.DSC_0523_newDSC_0577_new



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