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Ziggy Marley Plays the Famous Orange Peel in Asheville

May 8, 2012

Review by Izzy War

Photos by Lori Sky Twohy 

 Ziggy Marley recently played a sold out show at the Orange Peel filling the house with soulful and melodic reggae music. The youthful looking father of six, perhaps best known for being the son of reggae legend Bob Marley, played a mix of cultural and party songs with messages of love, good vibes, and revolution.

     Ziggy began his career at the age of ten in the recording of his father’s song “Children Playing in the Streets” along with three other siblings.  They will later form the core of the band the Melody Makers. It was likely challenging for him to be constantly living in his father’s shadow yet Ziggy Marley and the Melody Makers have released close to 20 records, won 5 Grammy’s, and he’s even lent his voice to a few t.v. series. 

     Ziggy appears to really love performing.  He was smiling the whole time with his dreadlocks flailing every which way while he played guitar and danced through the entire show.  The crowd was equally enthusiastic while dancing to his music, singing along to many songs, and smiling back at the charismatic performer. 

     They played many songs old and new as well as a few known Bob Marley classics.  Some songs performed were “Personal Revolution,” “Jah Will Be Done,” “Hand to Mouth,” “Justice,” and likely their best known song “Tomorrow People.”  He performed two encores.  In the first he started with Bob Marley’s song “Work.”  In the second encore he performed “Beach inHawaii” and finished the night off with another of his dad’s songs, “Jamming.”

     A couple of nights prior some of us had gone to see the just released film “Marley,” a biographical documentary of Bob Marley in which Ziggy appears.  It was a moving film that gave you a lot of insight into his father’s life. Ziggy who is the executive producer of “Marley” said his intention with the documentary was to help fans “feel closer to Bob.”  I recommend any fan of the Marley family to watch it.  It is available on Facebook, believe it or not, at https://www.facebook.com/BobMarley/app_314068798656813.  It is also available on iTunes. 

     One of the best things about seeing Ziggy Marley is that he, along with several of his siblings, continues to keep Bob Marley’s spirit alive.  It’s reflected in their music as well as in the messages they convey to their fans about freedom, revolution, and love.  Despite being the son of a great legend Ziggy Marley proved in concert that he can more than stand on his own as a true talent. 

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